You Will Need:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3b (or a Pi 2b with hostapd compatible Wifi adapter)
  • A 4GB or larger Micro-SD card (Class 10 recommended)
  • A 5V Micro-USB power supply for the Raspberry Pi
  • A computer to flash the SD card (and to pen-test from)

First you must download the latest RasPwn image and extract it. (7z or zip file available)

The SHA1 hash of the Raspwn 0.12g image is - c430f184747b915af1954666a17cfcab1de8b29d

Install is the same as any other image for the Raspberry Pi but the image is only compatible with the Pi 2b and 3b.

On first boot the image will automatically expand to fill the available space on the SD card and reboot.* (ignore any SQL socket error during resize) Once the resize is complete the RasPwn OS image is ready to hack!

Once RasPwn is installed you can start hacking it.

If you find this project useful and are feeling frisky you might donate.

* - Note There is a prompt with a delay on the resize, so to prevent SD card expansion, simply boot RasPwn with a monitor and keyboard attached on the first boot, and then just answer n and hit enter when asked whether to expand the filesystem.